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Senior Editor

Pacificator is a natural born gearhead with an insatiable passion for cars. He is the driving force behind the The Caraholics. From a young age, Pacificator was fascinated by the elegant designs and robust engines of iconic American muscle cars, Dodge and Mustangs. The thunderous roar of their exhausts became the soundtrack to his automotive journey, igniting a lifelong love affair with all things automotive.

As Pacificator delved deeper into the world of gearheads, his thirst for knowledge grew. He spent countless hours studying the intricacies of engines, dissecting the latest automotive technologies, and immersing himself in the rich history of iconic car brands.

Pacificator founded “The Caraholics” blog with a genuine desire to share his passion with fellow car enthusiasts. He infuses his writing style with enthusiasm and a deep understanding of the subject matter. Pacificator’s articles are not just informative; they are a celebration of the beauty, power, and innovation that define the automotive world.